Are Re-Commerce and Circular Shopping Starting a Sustainable Retail Revolution?

The world of retail is shifting, influenced by the desire for more value and sustainability. Brands are answering this change with re-commerce and circular shopping. To discuss this new avenue of commerce, Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with Andy Ruben, Founder and CEO of Trove. Trove is the backend engine for circular shopping, working with brands allowing them to own this channel. Ruben has over two decades of retail leadership experience, holding various senior roles at Walmart.

“Getting more use out of products isn’t rock science; it just makes sense. The doing of it is complex, and that’s why I founded Trove,” Ruben said.

“Brands that engage in this macro shift are making equal or better margins on used business, and it’s an important sustainability move.” -Andy Ruben

This entry into the market comes at a time when resale is growing 25 times faster than the rest of the industry. Ruben noted the reason why is three-fold—value, sustainability, and a more enjoyable shopping experience.


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