NEMO, REI, Cotopaxi Partner to Create Used Gear Network

REI, Cotopaxi, NEMO, and Trove are starting a used gear pilot program, where consumers can trade in gently used gear for resale.

“We build products to last, and this program will keep good gear out of the landfill,” said Theresa Conn, NEMO’s Global Distribution and Sustainability Manager.

“To accelerate change, our industry needs to collaborate. That’s why we’re thrilled for the opportunity to participate in this circular economy pilot.”

Here’s how it will work: Customers will initiate their trade-ins through REI’s pilot program.  REI will then sell Cotopaxi’s (and later this summer, NEMO’s) preowned gear through its existing Used Gear site.

Those who trade in gear will be reimbursed with a gift card, either to REI if the used gear was traded in there, or in a brand gift card if the used gear was traded in with each brand directly.

Trove’s re-commerce program will house all the available listings, hopefully making more used gear available to lots more people.


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