Nobody Agreed With This Founder’s Plan. Here’s How He Pivoted to Fast Growth Anyway

For its first few years, Andy Ruben’s company was called Yerdle, and it was an online swap meet. It did fine–not great, but fine. Ruben had a gut feeling it could be better, but the rest of the company didn’t agree. Dozens of employees left, and Ruben considered stepping down as CEO. Left with a skeleton team, he pivoted the Brisbane, California, company–now called Trove–to become a platform that allows top brands to resell returned products. The move paid off, and revenue took off. The real test of a fast-growth entrepreneur, Ruben realized, is recognizing when your company is stuck in that space between success and failure–and doing something about it. –As told to Cameron Albert-Deitch


3775 Bayshore Blvd
Brisbane, CA 94005

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