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We don’t just offer full benefits, flexible work schedules and really good coffee. We provide the opportunity to work with people of high integrity and innovative brand partners we truly believe in. You’ll learn from the best while being challenged and pushed to do your best every day.

Our values are core to our mission

Trove | Careers

Lead the way

It’s still relatively early days for the resale market, but it’s already taken a strong hold in retail. We thrive on the opportunity to be part of the change and to build something new—and big.

Working together for change

The work we do is serious and we take it very seriously. But that doesn’t mean we take ourselves as seriously. Ours is a highly collaborative environment that allows—even encourages—people to have fun.
Trove | Careers
Trove | Careers

Passion with purpose

We don’t think there are better ways to do business. We know there are. And we’re looking for people who share our vision of a more sustainable world that benefits everyone. We know you’re out there.

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