NEMO, REI, Cotopaxi Partner to Create Used Gear Network

REI, Cotopaxi, NEMO, and Trove are starting a used gear pilot program, where consumers can trade in gently used gear for resale. “We build products to last, and this program will keep good gear out of the landfill,” said Theresa Conn, NEMO’s Global Distribution and Sustainability Manager. “To accelerate change, our industry needs to collaborate. That’s why […]

Now REI Shoppers Can Buy Even More Used Gear

REI is leveling up its pre-owned outdoor gear offering through a pair of resale partnerships with performance lifestyle brands Cotopaxi and Nemo Equipment. The outdoor retailer’s Used Gear site is powered by Trove’s re-commerce platform, which will be leveraged to launch trade-in programs for Cotopaxi’s assortment of men’s and women’s outdoor apparel and accessories and Nemo’s camping gear, like tents, sleeping […]

Outdoor Industry Poised ‘Leader’ of Resale

REI announced a new trade-in program ushering outdoor gear vendors Cotopaxi and Nemo into the re-commerce space on its platform (online only at the start). The trade-in works across brands and retailer websites. While REI still maintains pricing for the items, the brands benefit from online take-back and customer loyalty opportunities like gift cards. Over […]

Trove CEO talks about helping brands cash in on resale

After seeing young shoppers flock to thrift stores and online sites for used clothes, a growing number of fashion companies want to take back control. But running a resale business is complicated, so some big iconic fashion brands like Levi’s, Eileen Fisher and Patagonia are turning to Trove, a tech startup that handles the logistics […]

EVRYTHNG Real Talk Featuring Andy Ruben, Trove

Today Andy Ruben, CEO and Co-founder, Trove sits down with EVRYTHNG CEO, Niall Murphy to dive deep into WHY embracing recommerce as a business strategy is both a smart business move for brands and critical to achieving a sustainable circular economy. According to Andy, brands must adopt reCommerce as a strategy to remain relevant to […]

The Harbert College of Business Podcast

Connie Berardinelli majored in entrepreneurship at Harbert. Her minor in sustainability studies gave her an educational combination that blends well with her work at Trove. The San Francisco-based company offers retail brands such as REI and Patagonia a system for taking back and reselling items previously purchased from them, allowing them to retain customer contact […]

Fusion Associates talks to Peter Whitcomb, VP of Growth and Partnerships at Trove

Recommerce, or resale, is the selling of previously used goods. Recommerce is ultimately about honoring the quality of a product and giving it as much life as it deserves. There are a number of existing and emerging recommerce models today. These include peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Poshmark or Craigslist, where consumers buy and sell used […]

Are Re-Commerce and Circular Shopping Starting a Sustainable Retail Revolution?

The world of retail is shifting, influenced by the desire for more value and sustainability. Brands are answering this change with re-commerce and circular shopping. To discuss this new avenue of commerce, Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with Andy Ruben, Founder and CEO of Trove. Trove is the backend engine for circular shopping, working with brands allowing them to […]