Fusion Associates talks to Peter Whitcomb, VP of Growth and Partnerships at Trove

Recommerce, or resale, is the selling of previously used goods. Recommerce is ultimately about honoring the quality of a product and giving it as much life as it deserves. There are a number of existing and emerging recommerce models today. These include peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Poshmark or Craigslist, where consumers buy and sell used […]

Are Re-Commerce and Circular Shopping Starting a Sustainable Retail Revolution?

The world of retail is shifting, influenced by the desire for more value and sustainability. Brands are answering this change with re-commerce and circular shopping. To discuss this new avenue of commerce, Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with Andy Ruben, Founder and CEO of Trove. Trove is the backend engine for circular shopping, working with brands allowing them to […]

Lululemon Tests Whether Secondhand Apparel Retailing Is Sustainable

Lululemon Athletica is the latest retailer to dip its toes into the secondhand, AKA recommerce or resale, clothing market. The yoga-inspired chain announced that it is launching a pilot program at participating stores in California and Texas to determine the viability of this new line of business that places sustainability at the heart of its marketing to consumers. […]

How startup Trove is propelling Lululemon, Patagonia, and Levi’s into the thriving $30 billion resale market by fixing the industry’s biggest problems

Retail brands eyeing the fast-growing resale market are increasingly turning to third-party services like Trove for help navigating the complexities of selling previously worn garments.  Lululemon became the latest brand to launch a secondhand effort on Tuesday when the athleticwear company announced “Like New,” a program that allows customers in California and Texas to trade […]

How Eileen Fisher ‘paints’ with scraps of fabric

A new line of bags at the fashion label Eileen Fisher features an abstract pattern that looks as though it has been painted on with brushstrokes. You’d never know that each design is painstakingly made from scraps of fabric culled from customers’ old jeans and sweaters. The bags are the latest product to come out […]

Nike is launching an in-house pre-owned program

The fervor for Nike sneakers was hugely instrumental in driving the phenomenon of sneaker reselling and collecting in the 1990s, but for decades, the athletic giant has had a policy to not acknowledge its presence in resale. That changed on Monday, with the brand announcing its first-ever in-house resale program, Nike Refurbished. The program will see […]

How the next generation of fashion resale is shaping up

Over the last six months, online secondhand platforms Thredup, Poshmark and StockX have filed for megawatt IPOs, reaching valuations of $1.3 billion, $3.8 billion and $7.5 billion, respectively. A growing tide of startups want in on the action, using white label technology, digital passports and a combination of rental and resale to differentiate themselves. Trove CEO Andy Ruben believes his […]