How startup Trove is propelling Lululemon and other brands into the thriving $30 billion resale market

With its first major foray into resale, Lululemon now joins brands including Patagonia, Levi’s, REI, and Eileen Fisher, which all use Trove, a resale startup. These fashion brands are using Trove’s technology to “develop white-label channels that take control of the resale marketplace,” as the startup’s website puts it.

According to Trove CEO Andy Ruben, the company provides the tools necessary for retailers to quickly and efficiently begin selling their own secondhand apparel “as opposed to the brand-building them from scratch.”

“These are a set of capabilities that would cost tens of millions of dollars for brands to get going,” Ruben told Insider discussing the complicated online resale industry. “It would take two to three years to develop capabilities like the ability to bring back items in stores or online.”

Trove | Circular Shopping

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