Levi’s is Launching a Buyback and Resale Program

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Whitney Bauck, of FASHIONISTA, reports that fashion brand Levi’s is launching a buyback and resale program, “You’ll now be able to buy vintage Levi’s directly from the brand, instead of sifting through the racks at your nearest thrift store.”

Trove congratulates Jennifer Sey, CMO, and the Levi’s team for their thought leadership on sustainability and resale. Trove will build out the offering and handle the logistics of this operation. Andy Ruben, founder and CEO of Trove, says, “Getting more use out of existing products is the single biggest move we can make toward a more circular and sustainable supply chain.”

Levi’s is relying on Trove, as their recommerce partner, to handle the logistics of resale, including cleaning, inventory and fulfillment. Levi’s is set to launch Levi’s SecondHand, October 5, 2020.

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