The RealReal Is Still Battling Fakes. It Won’t Be Easy To Get It Right.

… But as a complete business model that leverages the knowledge of brands at all levels including authentication, I have only seen one. That’s a company called Trove (Forbes writer Lauren Debter recently wrote a great article describing Trove). As a consumer, you’ll probably never know you’re transacting with Trove when you encounter them. But if you go to the resale site of Patagonia and REI, it looks like the sites are operated by those brands; in reality, Trove runs their resale businesses as a subcontractor. That gives Trove access to the product knowledge it needs to ensure authenticity, gives the brands a new stream of income and a new consumer to market to and gives consumers the confidence that what they’re buying is real and that the brand backs it up. All other things being equal, it’s more comforting to a consumer to buy from a reseller where the brand implicitly endorses the authentication. Leveraging a brand’s authentication knowledge is also a great way to reduce authentication costs and build a sustainable resale business.

Trove | Circular Shopping

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